GÎMXPORT celebrating 25 years of excellence!

13 June 2022 Posted by Admin Gemini In News

The year 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of GÎMXPORT. The organization would like to use this special year to share precious advice to the region’s business community as well as to promote our member’s inspiring initiatives.

« Many gaspesian and madelinian businesses member of GÎMXPOTT distinguish themselves on the Quebecois and international scene due to their audacity and the very high quality and well renowned resources from the sea and the land, alcoholic beverages as well as renewable energy, underlines the president of GÎMXPORT, Bill Sheehan. As we already know that many more businesses are ready to follow suit, GÎMXPORT continues its efforts to raise awareness to their immense potential on the markets. »

Our distance from the larger demographic areas, which has long been perceived as an obstacle to our development, is no longer relevant according to the general manager Gino Cyr. « With remote working now well established, businessmen and businesswomen can now manage their businesses from every corner of the world and hire specialized resources from everywhere. There is no limit! »
In the light of the exceptional context of the last few months, GÎMXPORT has focused its interventions on targeted support. We support businesses in a structured approach to exportation and marketing, which requires a medium-long term implication. », affirms M. Cyr.

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