Case studies

To show you the breadth of our services, we are showing a few examples of marketing or exportations projects we have worked on in the last couple of years. Our teams works with the utmost regard for your company’s confidentiality but these examples will clue you in to the type of interventions we deliver.

The company Les Produits Tapp, operating in the agri-food sector, wanted to break through the western United-States market with its biologic sauerkraut.


To achieve this goal, GÎMXPORT has worked on elaborating a three-year exportations plan following an exportation diagnostic of the company. The team then prepared and submitted a funding request with all the needed documents. At the same time, we organized a group trade delegation to the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco by taking care of all the logistics of participating in this event. With the help of the received funding, the company was able to participate in this event at a reduced cost and subsequently met an American buyer to validate a business opportunity. Very happy with this meeting, the company began the process to adapt its facilities to the HCCEP standards and thus meeting the very stringent standards of this new high potential partner for the development of the western market.

A new company wished to quickly bring to market an outdoors product for which it had been granted an international patent.


GÎMXPORT helped this company elaborating a commercialization plan by offering it a 10-week long individual coaching support aimed at maximising practical information transfer that could immediately help them in their business decision process. A marketing plan template was used to guide along the coaching sessions and was completed gradually by the company with support from GÎMXPORT. They were also supported in the structuring of their company with the implementation of its web platform and determining a coherent price structure considering the various types of intermediary player, for Canada and eventually international distributors.

The Bistro-bar le Brise-Bise wished to develop a network of retail sales point for a new line of sous-vide ready to cook frozen products.


GÎMXPORT accompanied the company in the formulation of a complete commercialization plan including a market analysis, product validation and determining a list of potential sales point in the region. GÎMXPORT also coordinated the development of new packaging as well as point of sale visual support to further communicate the brand name in store.

The artisanal business La Méduse from the Magdalen Islands wanted to explore a new potential market with its bespoke products aimed at the funeral home market.


GÎMXPORT executed a market study in order collect as much strategic information as possible about this very lucrative new market, with the goal of elaborating an efficient entry strategy. A detailed action plan was drawn up and a financial aid demand was elaborated in order to support the company in this endeavour. This plan contained the participation at key industry event, meeting of distributors, developing promotional materials adapted to the industry and sending samples. GÎMXPORT also coached the company for a whole year to make sure the objectives were attained.

Annie Morin, a multidisciplinary artist from the Magdalen Islands wanted to put her professional portfolio online to develop a new high-end market segment.


GÎMXPORT supported the artist in preparing, conceptualise and launch her professional portfolio with the assistance of a graphist and a web development agency. A targeting strategy was also established to directly send the portfolio to potential clients.

A group of agricultural productors, Baie des saveurs, wished to modernize its online platform to better optimize the distribution of biological fruits and vegetables to its subscribers.


GÎMXPORT has accompanied the group in their search for a sales platform that would satisfy all the parameters of their business model. Many solutions were explored and analyzed. A full report was subsequently produced, including a final recommendation about which platform was the best suited for the needs of the group, as well as an implementation timeline. A meeting was also held with the programmer of the new platform and the transition was initiated.

Our team is here to support you through all the stages of your growth!

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