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Your company is well established, and your production capacity enables you to think about going a step further? You contemplate pushing your limits and do business outside of the borders of Canada? GÎMXPORT can support you in the context of a structured exportation process

  • Conduct exportation diagnostics – Free service
  • Verify the standards, legislation, permits and regulatory requirements associated with the targeted effort– Free service
  • Search for specific information– Free service
  • Prepare for trade missions abroad– Free service
  • Prepare the financing applications associated with export projects – Free service
  • Conduct market studies or collect strategic information outside the country
  • Analyse and target the best product-market pairings
  • Search for potential foreign buyers or business partners
  • Host foreign buyers
  • Draw up export strategies and plans

André-Pierre Rossignol

Exportations senior advisor


Your company is seeking to increase its market share, to develop a new product or to distinguish itself from the competition? GÎMXPORT can help you reach your objectives through a tailor-made marketing program.

  • Conduct pre-commercialisation diagnostics – Free service
  • Search for specific information – Free service
  • Prepare for commercial missions and trade shows in Québec – Free service
  • Market intelligence service: search for market information, conduct market studies, conduct feasibility analyses, analyse competition, etc.
  • Develop marketing strategies and action plans concerning such variables as product, price, promotion and distribution
  • Search for potential buyers or business partners
  • Manage projects involving the development of brands, communication plans and promotional tools

GÎMXPORT offers a marketing accompaniment recognized by the Agriconseil network. Admissible businesses of the agri-food sector could benefit from financial aid that can reach up to 85% of professional fees.

Ève Dupré-Gilbert

Marketing senior advisor


Your company is seeking to develop its online store or other web sales channels? GÎMXPORT can offer you personalized support to identify the digital tools most adapted to your specific needs as well as advise you in order to maximise your sales.

  • Developing or optimizing a Shopify e-commerce platform
  • Configuring a Square account
  • Linking between different systems
  • Online publicity
  • Etc.

Jean-François Drolet

Web marketing Project manager


As an economic development organization, wishes to contribute to the regional dynamism by being a catalyst and a regional project leader. Here are a few examples of collective projects that were led by our team in the last few years:

  • Developing the Québec Seafood brand (Ongoing)
  • Establishing and coordinating La GAMME Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine (2016-2020)
  • The Quebec seaweed industry development strategy (2018)
  • Organizing the Opportunité Alliances event (2016)
  • Marked diversification strategy for the Gaspe lobster industry (2013)
  • Establishing and coordinating the Association Bois d’apparence (2012)
  • First responder for the Quebec wood export bureau (2012)
  • Hosting the La Vendée delegation in Gaspe (2012)

Gino Cyr

Directeur général
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